After 106 years in Antarctica, fruitcake still looks 'like new'

It's a good thing scientists weren't especially hungry when they stepped inside one of the earliest structures built in Antarctica recently. On a shelf in a hut in Cape Adare sat a "perfectly preserved" fruitcake apparently untouched for more than a century, reports Made by British label Huntley & Palmers, the fruitcake was hidden inside a "severely corroded" tin taken from the hut as part of a conservation project encompassing several old huts built during a Norwegian expedition in 1899, per AAP. And though its paper had begun to deteriorate, the cake itself looked "like new" and rather tasty. Unfortunately, it didn't smell quite as good, with an odor of "rancid butter," Lizzie Meek of New Zealand's Antarctic Heritage Trust tells Newshub....


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Airline cancellation and on-time rates: What to know about the state of flying

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